Tour┬ádedicated to whom have Italian origins and wish to visit the place where their forefathers were living before to emigrate…

This service was born away back in June 1993, by chance let’s say:

One day, in the afternoon, while I was waiting for some clients in front of the Grand Hotel Minerva in Rome, a young lady (she was the babysitter of an American family on vacancy in Rome) stopped asking me some information. We began to chat and she told me the story of her Grandpa, of Italian-American origin, who once started a trip to Italy from Palm Springs where he was living, in order to see his hometown again. Unfortunately, due to a suddenly taken ill, he never got back from his journey. She also told me that this visit to Italy was probably her only chance to see were her Grandpa was buried.

Her story aroused my curiosity, and we arranged a meeting for the morning after: Destination Spigno Saturnia, a small village about 160km south of Rome.

The following day we left but once we arrived at our destination we encountered the first difficulties since the village is divided in two parts: Spigno Saturnia Inferiore and Spigno Saturnia Superiore.Which one would be the right one? After some attemps we found out that Spigno Superiore was the place we were looking for. So we ventured into it and soon we found the graveyard of the city. It was closed. And the Keeper? He was on vacation. So what could we do? Climb over the fence.That’s what we did and her tears of sadness became tears of joy when eventually I shout:”HERE HE IS, I’VE FOUND HIM!”