This tour is dedicated to whom is passionate of Dan Brown and wont relive its atmosphere following the path of the “Illuminati” as mentioned into the International best seller “Angels and Demons“. Play the role of Prof.Robert Langdon and let the driver takes you through the unusual itinerary planned by the Illuminati, one of the most influencial secret societies of all times using the “Altars of Science” to unscover the mystery based around the four elements of the Nature, the esoteric symbols “EARTH,AIR,FIRE,WATER” in sculptures by “Gian Lorenzo Bernini“. The tour starts from the tomb of Raffaello into the Pantheon where the story begin. Next step will be the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo symbol of Earth, to continue with “West Ponente” in St.Peter’s Square, the Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria representing the element of Fire. The element of Water is the Fountain of the four Rivers sculpted by Bernini to represent the wide reach of the Papal influence across 4 continents, through the four longest rivers known at that time: Nile, Gange, Danube and Rio de la Plata for the American continent. The dove at the top of the obelisk of the fountain points exactly to the last destination of our tour ‘Castel St.Angelo’

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