This tour includes Squares and Churches built or containing Masterpieces of two important Italian sculptors from the 17th Century ”BERNINI and BORROMINI”, it usually starts from the most famous Square of Rome ”SPANISH STEPS” with its fountain named ”BARCACCIA” made by Pietro Bernini father of Gianlorenzo the most important of the Italian Sculptors, and then ”PIAZZA NAVONA” where you can admire the ”FOUNTAIN of the RIVERS” made by Bernini and right in front the Church of ”SANT’AGNESE in AGONE” made by BORROMINI.

The last work and absolutely the most famous fountain in the world the ”TREVI FOUNTAIN” made in 1762 by Nicola Salvi, Continuing up the Quirinale Hill we find two Churches: ”SAN CARLO alle QUATTRO FONTANE” made by Borromini and ”SANT’ANDREA”made by Bernini, the author of many, many masterpieces.

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